First Few Days in Berlin: Photos

2 comments on “First Few Days in Berlin: Photos

  1. Melissa says:

    Great travel blog! I’m glad I got to see some of your previous adventures. The slideshow style you’re using in these more recent entries is excellent; it’s great that every photo has a brief explanation. Is this style of photo slideshow part of the theme? Or a plug in? How on earth do you do it all from your phone? I’d love to hear more about it in person. Excellent way to share photos of your travels!

    • trailsuntrod says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately the nicer formatting for the photos is something I have to do from the full site, not the WordPress app, which is why there is such a difference between these last five or so posts (done on a computer) and the previous ones (done on the app on my phone). However, I’m planning on trying the full site on my phone again at some point, so we’ll see how pretty I can make it! And I don’t think it’s part of the specific theme; on the full site you get several media gallery layout options.

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