Homeward Bound…And Then to Colorado

My trip back to the States was uneventful, which is always a good thing when talking about flights. I had the great good fortune to be upgraded to Business Class on my Delta transatlantic flight, which meant real food, decent wine, a seat which reclined, and a lovely goodie – I mean overnight – bag full of cute little travel toilettries. Score! Then, on my way through the customs line, the Customs official said “I think you’re a great actress, ma’am” to the lady in front of me, who I belated realized was Julianne Moore.

I’m enjoying a little R&R with my parents in the greater DC metro area, and got to take a little travel jaunt in the States to somewhere I’d never been: Colorado. I didn’t get to wander around as much as I would have on a vacation, as I was there for my brother’s wedding (which was lovely, by the way), but I did get one afternoon in downtown Boulder.

There is a street called Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder which is reminiscent of the charming main drag of a number of college towns (State Street in Madison WI, for example), but with a distinct western flair. There are street performers in the pedestrian center, and oodles of restaurants and coffee shops on either side. I’m not sure I’ve ever been somewhere with as many coffee shops in a small area! The buildings are a mix of the old western buildings and more modern buildings designed to fit in with the older ones, all framed by the gorgeous mountains.

Here and there are sculptures designed to evoke western imagery: scenes with various wild animals of the Rockies along with some that are just charming and quaint.

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