Eine Kleine Nacht Market

On Sunday morning, I headed out to the bus station to get my tickets for Chiang Kong. Since a songthaew driver wouldn’t take me (probably because it was too far off his route), I negotiated a ride with a tuk-tuk driver for 80 baht, down from 100. He agreed with such alacrity that I suspect I still overpaid, but hey! I’m learning this bargaining game!

Heading back, I checked out the songthaew line, but they quoted me a price of 150 bahts for me to take a non-shared ride. Obviously I wasn’t going to spend that, so I waited until they had a full load of people and felt almost like a native in my foreigner-free songthaew.

I headed back into town to look at one more beautiful Wat that I had missed, then wrapped up the day by walking through the Sunday Walking Street. I did a little bit of shopping, had a fresh fruit juice in a bamboo “cup”, and got to take a picture of some of the more interesting food (bugs).

Next stop, Laos!

Wat viewing:

Walking street:

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